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Facility Management

Our company is gaining popularity due to the broad scope of services which has embraced a range of aspects to serve the corporate sector. Another, equally significant factor is the quality of the services offered by the company, which have been praised for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Pantry Services:

We offer specialized desk services on regular basis.


  • Bus & Car booking
  • Air & railway booking
  • Pickup and drop facility from Airports, Railways stations etc.

Housekeeping Services

Commercial Cleaning

  • Complete upkeep of office areas
  • Consistent & quality oriented services
  • Use of state of the art cleaning equipment & technology
  • Cleaning & maintenance of external fencing, gates & boundaries
  • Complete MIS reporting systems
  • Operations & management schedules
  • Supply of materials & consumables
  • Waste Management.

Industrial Hygiene Services

Timely industrial hygiene saves cost and reduces accidents. We undertake upkeep of factory floor, ceilings, side walls, window glasses, degrease, de-carbonize, scrub clean and polish factory floor, Scrap collection & packaging.

Medical Hygiene Services

We provide experienced, qualified medical officers, nurses, modern medical equipments, first aid kits, medicines, ambulances & ancillary medical services.

Office Relocation Services

Office Relocation involves shifting of an entire system in an order to a new place. All official items including computers, furniture, important files and documents needs to be relocated in a proper manner. Relocation activity is first planned in order to avoid any type of inconvenience later. Everything is packed in an organized manner using appropriate packing material to prevent any kind of losses and misplacing of important official documents.

Relocation specialists plan your moves in a manner that can relocate just anything your business might offer with utmost safety, efficiency and within time and money constraints. While the Unites Associates’s clients focus on their activities, we carefully carry on the shifting process to the new location. Also, timing is an extremely crucial factor during the business or commercial relocation.

Guest House Maintenance:

We offer various kinds of Guest House Management Services at affordable prices. This service is performed by skilled and proficient professionals to ensure quality and customers’ satisfaction.

  • Guest Relations
  • Food Services
  • Maintenance
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Occupancy Management
  • Pest Control
  • Hotel Booking

In house Maintenance & Pest Control:

Our in-house maintenance team can attend to all your corporate set up requirements like Electrical / telephone / plumbing / carpentry, maintenance of Air conditioners, Computers etc. They use highly effective disinfestations to prevent damage to life & property.